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Welcome Tawdra Kandle! Author of the YA King series, contemporary romance The Posse, NA Best Served Cold, and her new book, Undeniable, a paranormal new adult novel.

Tell us a little bit about your book(s) and yourself. I am a writer, wife of one and mom of four (mother-in-law of one). I have one sweet puppy dog and five (yes, FIVE!) cats. I write romance, both contemporary and paranormal, in young adult, New Adult and adult genres.

When was your first book published? December, 2011

Why did you decide to become an Indie Author? I pursued traditional publishing for about a year, and while I did receive some encouragement, I eventually decided it was not something I wanted to continue to do. Thanks to the support of a dear friend, I took the leap into indie.

Are you currently working on anything? Always. I’m working on the second book in the Serendipity Duet, UNQUENCHABLE, and I’m working on JUST DESSERTS, the second book in the Perfect Dish Duo. I’ve also begun a little bit of my upcoming adult paramystery series, Recipe for Death.

Who and what inspired you to write? Everything I see, and always, the question. . .what if?

Each author has his or her own inspiring journey. How did you begin writing? I wrote my entire life. I don’t remember not writing. When I was in middle school, I had a short story published in a magazine. And then there was a little gap. . .okay, about thirty years. . .before I finished my first full-length novel. In between time, though, I did write several short stories, one of which one an award.

What is on your writing playlist for your book(s)? I am as eclectic a music lover as I am a reader. I listen to alt rock, oldies, eighties music, country, classical and even disco. . .it depends on the book and the characters.

Who is your favorite character in your books? I used to say it was Nell, and she is still a favorite. I’m beginning to think it may be Cathryn. She has appeared in The King Series, both of my shorts, The Serendipity Duet and will be in the Recipe for Death series. Girl gets around!

What is your favorite book of all time? The impossible question. Okay, the one I read most often is probably Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow, though I have several others that are a very close second.

Tell us in one sentence why we should read your books. My books will whisk you away from your day-to-day life into a world of strong women, sexy men and the adventures they share.


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Bond of Love by Amy Suzanne #interview #giveaway

As a picturesque mother and wife, forty-one year old Avery Richards seems to have it all. Married to a successful veterinarian named Noah and mother to a spunky daughter named Kara, her life is far from awful but she is stuck. With the recent move of their daughter, who has just flown the coop for college, this story examines the deep and often-tumultuous bond between mother and child and the lengths we are willing to go to, as mothers, to sacrifice our own happiness for the ones we love.

As we watch Avery walk through her ‘new’ way of daily life, without her ambitious and stubborn child around to mother any longer, we are given a very unique opportunity to tip toe in the front row of their lives, from three very separate views. We will see life as it plays out through her mature and motherly eyes, through Kara’s young and sheltered heart, and then through ‘someone else’s eyes’ that has a vested interest in them both.

As Avery’s well-hidden web of lies come crashing down in an unexpected way, her secrets that she’s safeguarded for years will threaten to rip her peaceful world apart, as well as the world of the ones she loves most. As readers, we will watch how ONE single choice can alter everything. Each character will then be forced to examine what the true meaning of love and forgiveness means to them.

Every gamut of emotion will be explored: humor, sadness, love, joy, betrayal, hate, and forgiveness. Bond of Love will leave you pondering the age-old question: How well do YOU actually know the ones you love most?

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1. Who do you think would most enjoy reading your book and why?

I think that ANYONE who is a parent, male or female, will be able to relate to both the struggles of parenthood and life in general, in my book. Therefore it’s not just a “chick-book,” like some people categorize them. My story is based on a secret and it does go far beyond the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Anyone who has ever tried to conceal a secret knows what it feels like to harbor that kind of burden. It’s painful and it tends to eat away at both your mind and flesh. I would say that it is most appropriate for high school aged teens and up. As a parent of four girls, three of my own and one stepdaughter, I like to know what is safe for my children to read and what is not. With that said, there is a life lesson that can be learned from my book, therefore I do think that young readers, as well as mature ones would both benefit from reading it.

2. How did you come up with the names and the characters? Are any based on real people?

Picking names for characters is tricky because you never want the readers to assume that you are emulating or talking about them, if you are not, when they see THEIR name in print. Each character’s name was chosen specifically and carefully for this very reason. I put a lot of time into choosing each and every name. The name Avery was chosen for the mother’s name because I have always loved the name. I feel that it is both beautiful and strong. I wanted to name all of our daughters it, but in the end, my husband and I always went with something different, so this was my chance to finally use the name. To allow the name to be born into someone I could be proud to know. Kara’s name was chosen as the daughter’s name because I wanted her to have a name that reminded me of happiness and innocence. My very best friend in Kindergarten was named Kara. She always made me smile and happy. The Crosby’s, who live across the street in my book, were the actual real names of our neighbor’s when I was a little girl, although they lived down the street. Although neither Mr. or Mrs. Crosby (in real life) were anything like my characters (in real life BOTH of them were exceptionally wonderful), I have always remembered their kind nature and wanted Avery’s neighbor’s to be named the Crosby’s. It just seemed right. As far as all of the men in my book, all of their names were chosen because I just liked the sound of them and they seemed to fit their personalities in my mind. They were not based on any particular person in my past or present life though. The same goes for Sue too, the owner of the animal shelter. She is a simple but charismatic person and I felt she needed an ordinary name. Her personality definitely makes her shine, not her name.

3. Are you planning any more books?

A month ago, when I was on a long flight from CA to New York City with my husband, a new story came to me out of the blue. For three hours I hunched over that mini-sized tray table, and wrote an entire outline for a new book! So yes, I have an outline, but I have only written very little on it because I am still too immersed in getting Bond of Love out there. Soon though my fingers will find my keys on my laptop again. I can’t wait!

4.  How did you research?

Most all of my research was done on the Internet.

5.  Best thing about being an author?

The best thing about being an author is the feeling of love that I have felt from all of my many family members, friends, acquaintances from long ago and now, and even from total strangers. So many people have made an effort to tell me how excited they are for me, how they can’t wait to read my book, and how proud they are of me. I feel like a little girl every day, receiving piles of golden star stickers! I am humbled and eternally grateful for the outpour of excitement and support that I have been shown. I am not a showy person, sometimes I can be a bit self-conscious and private, and therefore this praise is overwhelming to me sometimes. I guess I didn’t expect so much support, from all walks in my life. My heart feels a bit like it is about to overflow, even just at this stage in the game. Regardless of how successful I become as a writer, I feel proud that I gave it my all! Putting your writing out there, for the world to see, is never anything less than terrifying! At least I can say to my girls that I was brave enough to TRY! I never want them to be afraid to reach for their dreams, however big or small. I feel so blessed that I have been lucky enough to have a football field full of supporters, cheering behind me all the way. It’s an exciting ride, that’s for sure! I am honored to be able to call myself an author. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile and challenging. Something just for me!

6.  Favorite movie. When did you see it and who with?

My favorite movie is Sixteen Candles and I saw it with my cousin when I was a young teenager. I also love Sweet Home Alabama. I could watch both of them 100 times!

7. A character from your book you would like to vacation with…where would you go?

I would like to vacation with Sue, the animal shelter’s owner. She’s funny, carefree, and free-spirited. She says exactly what she thinks, regardless. I like her attitude towards life and her willingness to help all living things. I also love her dedication to the people she loves.

8.  Favorite book as a child? The Fourteen Bears: Summer and Winter written by Evelyn Scott and pictures by Virginia Parsons. It is so worn and old now, from both my many years of love and my girls all loving and reading it too. It is full of vibrant pictures and it tells the tale of a very large family, who does everything together. To this day, I still love to read it to our girls and they love to hear it even though they are probably much too old for it now. My favorite book as a budding teen however was Forever by Judy Blume. My eyes were glued to it and my mind entranced. I had never read anything like it at the time and it sucked me in.

9.  A word you think should be banished.

Well, it would go against me nature to actually SAY the word, so I will whisper it to you. I DO NOT like the word pussy. I think it is rude. No, no, no…I do not like it at all!

10. Hardest chapter or scene to write? Favorite scene?

The hardest chapter for me to write was also my favorite. It is chapter six. The scene between Kara and her daughter very much mirrors talks I’ve had with my girls about their body changing and sex. It makes my heart palpitate even now just thinking about it. When I was young, I wanted ALL the answers, but all I got was books. My dad use to try to tell me about the birds and the bees, but I always sang the Star-Spangled Banner when he tried. I know, strange…but it was “our thing.” It’s just what we did. I don’t think he ever told me a single fact, nor my mom, except they both vehemently told me NOT to do anything naughty and to behave myself. However, with our girls, I have pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone and answered all of their burning questions. I’ve bought the body books and have sat beside them answering awkward questions that I would’ve rather ignored. That first realization on their faces, when they realized that their dad and I had actually had sex, was not a look I’ll ever forget. Our youngest one has still yet to get “the talk,” so I have one left to go. I’m dreading it! I was not sure if I should include the chapter in the book because it is VERY hard for me to talk about sex and the chapter was very personal. Many times I took it out, but in the end I decided that it needed to be included, no matter how uncomfortable it made me feel. It’s how “little-changing girls” think and the questions that Kara asks her mom, are ones that every little girl with an inquisitive mind wants to know. Telling my girls the facts has NEVER been fun, however, I have always been honest with their questions; no matter how clinical or embarrassing they were. That’s why it is both my favorite and hardest chapter in the book. It freaks me out knowing it’s out there, floating around for all my family, friends, and strangers to read, but it’s the truth. So I left it in. Begrudgingly.

11. Name an author you would like to be your mentor.

I would like Kristin Hannah to be my mentor. I love the way she tells her stories and makes her characters come alive.

Meet the Author:

This is Amy’s second published work, the first being a memoir written exclusively for her children. As a former second grade teacher, and long time professional photographer, she has been writing and filling journals since she was young enough to hold a pencil and form words. Although writing brings her to a place of solace and joy, her most ambitious and fulfilling job in life thus far has been being a mother. Married for nearly two decades now, she and her husband share four daughters, who fill their lives with amusement, love, and drama daily. It is her lifelong goal to preserve her family’s history through the written word, pictures, and the human touch of love.

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The King of Sunday Morning Interview and Review

The King of Sunday Morning is a geezer. Not in the traditional sense of the word as in old man. This geezer is a face, a wannabe, a top notch bloke. He is the greatest DJ that never was. He should have been. Could have been. Would have been. Now becoming a has-been.

Tray McCarthy was born into privilege but with the genetic coding of London’s violent East End. Having broken the underworld’s sacred honour code, it is only his family’s gangland connections that save him. But in return for his life, he must deny that which he has ever known or ever will be and runs to Australia where he is forced to live an inconsequential life.

But trouble never strays far from Tray McCarthy and eventually his past and present collide to put everyone he has ever loved in danger. He must now make a stand and fight against those that are set to destroy him and play their game according to his rules.

Set against the subterfuge and violence of the international drugs trade, The King of Sunday Morning is the tale of what can go wrong when you make bad decisions. Tray McCarthy has made some of the worst. He must now save those he holds dear but in the process gets trapped deeper and deeper into a world where he doesn’t belong.

“I want three pump-action shotguns, about twelve sticks of dynamite and a blowtorch”


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Hope you enjoy this interview with the author!


1.  Who do you think would most enjoy reading your book and why.

I have been constantly surprised by the variety of readers that have enjoyed this book. Because it touches on so many different subjects, it appeals to all sorts. If you are a prude or easily offended by the language of the underworld then it is not for you. If you liked Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch or even Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet you will love this. It is a tale of two star crossed lovers who have to take charge of their lives in a world that is far beyond the horizon of everyday citizens. If you imagined what the naughtier side of life is like in the world of guns, music and drug culture then this is the book for you.

2. How did you come up with names and characters? Are any based on real people?

All characters have some elements of real people in them. No one character represents a real person but a combination of the many. As I say in the foreword “If you are in this book take yourself to the nearest police station. To be in it is a crime all its own”.

It took me along while to come up with the names. I constantly changed them until I was happy that the faces which I had imagined for them matched their names. The main character and his sidekick changed at least 8 times each before I was happy with them.

3. Are you planning any more books?

Always planning more. Different genre maybe. This time the main characters will all be women. That is the ultimate challenge for a male author. Writing about ambitious women who have courage and battle their demons.

4. How did you research? And do you have any interesting stories from that research that didn’t make it into the book?

I lived this life since the age of 20. I had to keep some out because they were too real. To reveal them would be a betrayal of trust.

5. Best thing about being an author.

Fiction is a gift to the imagination. Fabricating an entire dominion for your characters with no boundaries restraining them.

6. Favorite movie. When did you see it and who with?

Blazing Saddles – watched it every day when I lived in Portugal as it was the only English video we had. Prior to DVD’s or cable. I know that film line for line. I watched it with itinerant traveller that wandered into our apartment and they were many.

7. A character from a book you would like to vacation with…where would you go.

Two characters from the most famous books of all time – Jesus and Mohammad – we would go back to Jerusalem and finally sort all this stuff out.

8. Favorite book as a child.

Tom Sawyer

9. A word you think should be banished.

Cancer: Horrible, hateful, destructive disease. Rid the world of that and I would be happy

10.  Hardest chapter or scene to write.

A rape scene

11. Favorite scene.

Possum scene – I will leave it at that!

12  Name an author you would like to be your mentor.

Sadly he is no more having died this year Ian Banks


My review:

What a ride! This book took me on quite an adventure. The beginning chapters were a little choppy to me but once I got to the story part, it was just one thing after another. And by the end, I seriously could not read FAST enough to see what was going to happen.

The main character is Tray who had been a rising DJ star when he had to go into hiding. He is a lovable character even with all his partying ways; charming to the nth degree. I loved him, he was just a fun loving guy with a big heart. The cast of characters in this story is a diverse bunch. You have the English contingency, a bit like mafia types. Then you have the Portuguese group, the Aussies, some Arabs and the Dutch. Even Fidel Castro makes an appearance. It takes you from England to Portugal to Australia to Columbia and finally to Brazil. Real life actual events are interspersed in there too.

Have to say Pedro was one of my favorite characters. His inability to swear correctly in English was very amusing. There are a couple of other funny parts as well, and I liked how the author lightened the mood a bit. Because it needed it, the subject matter is a bit dark. Drugs and violence are an integral part of this story.

In order to not give spoilers, all I will say is that I liked how it ended. This would make a great movie. Love a book that has a story, with suspense and adventure and I learned about a world I knew nothing about. I always say you learn something new every day and with this book, I can say I learned a lot of new things! This book had me on the edge of my seat and I recommend you strap in and enjoy this fabulous ride. The author has a gift for storytelling and putting you smack dab in the middle of the action.

I had a lovely Italian red wine while I read it and was briefly interrupted to eat a nice steak dinner. Which I quickly ate so I could get back to this book.

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